The Great Ocean Road is more than just a picturesque drive. For wildlife enthusiasts, this stretch offers a plethora of opportunities to mingle with the unique ecosystem of this region. Considered among the best wildlife destinations in the world, make the most of your time here to get up close and personal with Australia’s native wildlife.


  1. Koalas at Kennet River and Cape Otway

It is not everyday that you get a chance to see these incredibly adorable creatures. One of the best places to go see them in their natural habitat is by visiting Kennett River, a small settlement right by Lorne. While you drive along the Grey River Road you are almost guaranteed a chance to see a few koalas sitting on gum trees. You may also be able to spot a few koalas around Cape Otway.


  1. Wallabies, Kangaroos and Other Native Birds

Head to one of the lodges in Wattle Hill and you will be able to spot kangaroos, wallabies and a few native birds during your stay here. King parrots, kookaburras, black cockatoos, blue fairy wrens and rosellas are commonly sighted here all year round.


  1. Whale Watching Along the Coast

Between June and October each year, the Southern Right Whales commence their migration. Many of them pass by rather close to the shores of the Great Ocean Road making it an exciting drive. Look out for viewing spots across the road where you can sit and watch these impressive creatures migrate.


  1. Echidnas at the Port Campbell National Park

In addition to being famous for the Loch Ard Gorge and the Twelve Apostles, the national park is also home to a significant population of echidnas. Keep a watch out for these porcupine like creatures at the edge of the road and other pathways where they come out to look for insects to devour.


  1. The Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park

If you are running short on time and want to see a variety of native Australian wildlife in a single place, the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park is the place to be. Here you will be able to spot wombats, emus, wallabies, kangaroos and a host of other wild birds depending on the time of year you visit.


  1. Go Diving at the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park or the Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary

For lovers of the ocean world, it simply cannot get better than this. Plan a few dives in these marine sanctuaries and you will find yourself among gorgeous fur seals, zebra fish, sea spiders, lobsters and not to mention the brightly coloured sponges and old shipwrecks.

  1. Penguins at the Twelve Apostles

Head to the main viewing platform at the London Bridge or the Twelve Apostles at sunset and you will not only be able to enjoy an iconic view of the coast but you will also be able to watch little penguins waddle out of the sea and onto the beach. Remember to be patient as waiting around for these cute creatures will totally be worth your entire trip.


In addition to this, you may want to make pitstops at Melba Gully to watch the Glow Worms at night. These creatures live by the walking trails, making them easy to spot. At lake Elizabeth, you may also be able to book yourself on a platypus spotting tour, improving your chances of seeing these rather elusive creatures.