The Great Ocean Road Tour is a spectacular experience for every visitor. Admire nature’s marvels and visit some mind-blowing rock formations. Witness the site of the tragic shipwreck at Loch Ard Gorge and indulge in majestic views of the ocean. There are many one-day tours that take you from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road. Yet, finding a reliable and suitable tour can be a hassle for first-time visitors. For starters, you need a trustworthy driver, an experienced guide and a customizable tour.

Consider opting for a small group tour for added benefits and complete peace of mind.


Key Benefits of a Small Group Tour:

  1. A More Personalized Experience

When you choose a small group tour, you get access to impeccable service. The driver guide will be able to cater to your exclusive needs. If you’d like to stop somewhere for longer or skip a few spots, you can do so in a small tour. You can also choose where you’d like to eat and how long you’d like to take meal breaks. Above all, you’ll feel like a valuable tourist on this tour and you’ll have the freedom to do everything you want to! Usually, the tour operates for a group of 11 or fewer people. So if you’re traveling to Melbourne with a group of friends or your family, this can be a great option to book your visit to the Great Ocean Road.


  1. Access to Amazing Spots

While standard tours have a fixed itinerary, small group tours take you to hidden gems that would otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, you can visit the Teddy’s Lookout in Lorne. Here, a new constructed walkway will take you towards a viewing platform. On reaching the edge, the breath-taking, sweeping, coastal views of the ocean will amaze you. You can also see mountain peaks on your right and the Saint George River going to gorges and lush green valleys. This is one of the most worthwhile spot to witness scenic views during your tour.


  1. Lots of Flexibility

When you travel with a standard tour, you’ll have to wake up early in the morning! With a small group tour, you can sleep-in for longer and still enjoy a day full of sightseeing. A small group tour runs at an affordable price, making it easier for you to do more during your visit to Melbourne. Usually, the tour starts around 7 or 10 am and ends by 8 or 9 pm. If you’d like, you can alter these timings a little to match your convenience. Families with young kids or babies will definitely find a small group tour much more convenient and reliable to take their kids along.


Book a small group tour from Melbourne and get complimentary hotel pick up and drop off too! A friendly, knowledgeable and professional driver guide will greet you. He will make the drive and the tour interesting and memorable with anecdotes and valuable information. Also, you can expect a clean, comfortable and luxurious vehicle that makes your day relaxed and enjoyable.