The 12 Apostles are one of the most famous attractions on the Great Ocean Road that rise up beautifully on Victoria’s majestic coastline. The road to the Apostles is breath-taking with a number of dramatic cliffs carved from the sea and the spectacular views of the azure waters. When you get closer to the Port Campbell National Park, you’ll notice these unique rock formations. Today, only 8 Apostles stand tall as time and Mother Nature have caused some of them to fall.


A History That Dates Back 20 Million Years

Nearly 20 million years ago, the surf and salt of the powerful Southern Ocean started eroding the limestone cliffs along the coastline. The wind and water around carved out caves in the rocks. And as time passed, the caves transformed into remarkable arches that framed the sea. Today, the structures are 45 meters above the ocean and leave visitors amazed at their size and beauty.


A Wondrous Myth and Mystery

Millions of travellers from around the world come to the 12 Apostles to witness its magic, myth and mystery. All through the day, you can see the rocks changing their face and feel as the light and colours impact its visual appeal. During sunrise, the golden colours spill on the rocks and create shades of red and rose. As the sun sets, the rocks start looking orange and lavender, just like the sky. Slowly, you can see rainbow colours on the rocks before they turn into shadows at night. Every year, the ocean storm causes up to 2 cm erosion at the site. You can stop at the viewing platform to take some spectacular photos, and listen to the cultural heritage stories.


View from the Top

You can also soar the Apostles with a helicopter flight and view the Shipwreck Coast, National Park and 12 Apostles from the air. It is one of the most scenic flights you will ever take and you’ll find the most luxurious fleet that is safe, reliable and offers complete value for money. You can choose your duration, ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, and visit the other local formations like the Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge too. The pilot also provides a running commentary so that you get a perfect idea of the place and its celebrated history.


How to Get Here

If you want to go to 12 Apostles, you can drive west from Melbourne. It is a 4-hour drive that can be booked through a tour bus. You can be assured of comfort and luxury when you book a bus service. If you’re a small group of 10-12 people, this can be an extremely affordable and a smart choice. The driver will constantly interact with you and give you all the information about the Apostles and the attractions around the Great Ocean Road. Your safety will always be a priority with a reputed tour bus company and you can expect to have a fantastic day with complete peace of mind!


Aspiring to visit the 12 Apostles and witness the magic of nature? Book a bus tour to get there, walk around the area, take a helicopter flight and make it the most memorable day of your holiday!