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Healesville Sanctuary, Dandenong Ranges and Puffing Billy Tour are famous Australian tourist attractions. What if you could visit all these in a day and have a tourist guide who gives you interesting backstories? This handcrafted tour begins with a visit to the famous Healesville Sanctuary where you can closely watch the animals followed by the captivating ‘Spirit of sky’ bird show. Witness how ailing animals are treated at the Wildlife Health Centre. Riding the 20th-century train, Puffing Billy that traverses to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges just takes the amazing tour to new heights, literally!

It is every nature lover and wildlife enthusiasts dream to go to a place that exudes its natural beauty, away from the trapping of fast-paced modern lives. There aren’t many such places where you can find such unadulterated beauty. Barely an hour’s drive from Melbourne, have the time of your life at the Healesville Sanctuary, Dandenong Ranges and Puffing Billy tour.

This tour departs: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8.30 am from the city and concludes back in the city the same day between 5-5.30 pm.

Tour price:

Adult: $180

Child: $160

What the tour includes:  We will cover the Healesville Sanctuary entry and the historic steam train ride for you.  Our friendly tour guide will lead you to the exotic tourist spots and tell you interesting stories and facts about the places.

Additional activities that you can book: Enjoy ‘Magic Moment’ a 10-minute encounter with your favourite Australian animal at $12.

Things to be carried: We advise you to carry appropriate clothing as per the weather conditions, snacks, water bottle, sunscreen and hat.

Tour itinerary:

Take a ride in the historic Puffing Billy

The Puffing Billy is Australia’s premier steam railway built in 1899. The authorities have left no stone unturned in preserving this heritage railway in its original form, particularly the 1920s. Not just the train, the journey also it truly captivating. The view of the magnificent Dandenong Ranges as the train passes by is a treat to the senses. Gazing at the lush green fern gullies and the Mountain Ash trees as the cool breeze gently brushes you feels like a dream. Swaying the legs from the sides enjoying this glorious view makes for timeless memories for both children and adults.

Discover the wild at Healesville Sanctuary

In the stunning Yarra Valley lies Healesville Sanctuary. The 30 acres stretch consisting of around 70 acres bushland is a delight for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. It’s where you can catch a glimpse of native and rare Australian wildlife species in their natural habitat.

The Healesville Sanctuary boasts of koalas, kangaroos, wombats, dingos, birds of prey and platypus. Do you know the unique characteristic of the duck-billed platypus? Along with the 4 species of echidna, they are a rare species of mammals that lay eggs. Platypus can be found only in Eastern seaboard of Australia and the best place to see them is undoubtedly the Healesville Sanctuary.

Mesmerize in the majestic ‘Spirit of the Sky’

Spirit of the Sky is a one-of-its-kind bird show where you get to see birds in action up close and personal. You will enjoy the sight of the birds of prey catching their prey, breaking egg shells and eating and the parrots lighting up the blue sky. But most of all, you will love watching them fly as they playfully sway past you.  The Spirit of Sky show takes place daily at 12 pm and at 2.30 pm.

Visit the Wildlife Health Centre

The Wildlife Health Centre that lies inside the Healesville Sanctuary is where animals that are ill or injured are treated. Over 2000 animals are treated here each year. You will be inspired by our team of vets as they go about their job of caring for the animals, in turn, you can also express your concern for the animals. Besides this, the health centre also includes a training facility for future vets.


If you love the greens and the wild, the Healesville Sanctuary, Dandenong Ranges and Puffing Billy tour should definitely top your bucket list.


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