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The Fairy Penguins of Phillips Island is one of world’s most unique tourist destinations. Clubbed with the magnificent scenery of the Nobbies Walk, and unmatched wildlife from Victoria, the Penguin Parade Tour is a must see to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. When you visit Melbourne, plan a tour of the natural beauty of Seal Rocks and explore the best of Phillip’s Island.

Tour Schedule: Afternoons Between 1pm and 2pm Daylight Savings and ends Between 9:30pm and Midnight (Seasonal) Daylight savings

Tour Price:

Inclusive of park entrance fees

Adults: $110

Children: $86

Pre-Booked Activities:

  • Journey to the bottom of the world with our Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies (AJ). This fantastic multimedia experience lets you embark on a fun and interactive journey with the amazing wildlife of the Antarctic.  -$18
  • Penguin Plus (PP) Get privileged access to see the little penguins up close along a private boardwalk - $25
  • Penguins Plus Underground (UP) Don’t miss out on the limited seat (up to 70) opportunity to observe the amazing social life of penguins from an underground viewing window - $35
  • Take a VIP Tour (VP) from a unique enclosed box seat furnished with your favourite drinks and canapés, to have a view of Penguins Plus in style! - $45
  • Guided Ranger Tour (GR) The right guide can add that extra special touch to a truly splendid experience. The Guided Ranger Tour will fetch you Front row seats, in the general area and access to Penguins Plus with a small group & a ranger guide - $55

Come Equipped!

While no special equipment is necessary, we advise you to come prepared with the right clothing for warm to cool weather and for swimming. You may also carry your own water bottle and snacks. Photography of the spectacular scenery is allowed, however using your camera during the Penguin Parade is not allowed.


Peak season for tours is in December and January. During this time, a larger Please note that a vehicle with larger number of seats may be used to accommodate larger number of tourists.

Tour itinerary:

Set off on your Tour amidst Mother Nature!

Sleep in, indulge in a nice brunch and start off at Mornington Peninsula with a tour of exotic Moonlit Sanctuary Park. Take a gander at some of Australia’s most loved wildlife, including Koalas, Emus, Wallabies, Tassie devils, Wombats and of course the emblematic Kangaroo. Get a chance to feed Koalas (for a fee), gaze at capering kangaroos and dingos. If you’re a bird watcher or an aspiring one, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the immense variety of bird species to be enjoyed.

Next Stop – Phillip’s Island!

Breathtaking views simply pour in as you travel to Phillip’s Island. Here you’ll have the opportunity to gaze at a one of kind Fur Seal Colony dwelling at Seal Rocks. The Nobbies boardwalk takes you out into the sea almost touching Seal Rocks. Cuddly penguins are known to camp out under the boardwalks while waiting for sunset and their mates to join them, before heading back to their burrow homes across the beach. You can also catch some sun, sand and sea at the Cape Woolamai surf beach (Seasonal)

The Climax of the Tour – Penguin Parade!

The stage is set, nature is as stunning as it is poignant, you are quickly escorted to your sandy seats at Penguin Stadium, just in time to witness one of nature’s great marvels – hundreds of adorable penguins’ waddle across the beach to the safety of their burrows hidden in the dunes. Watching the family life of penguins played out with no outside influence is a simply remarkable experience. Penguin mates greet each other with little pecks, perform a little reunion dance and cuddle up together in their burrows.

Go ahead choose the Penguin Parade Tour for a truly splendid holiday experience!

Things to Carry: We advise you to carry appropriate clothing as per weather conditions, snacks, water bottle and bathers for swimming.

Kindly Note: In case we face time constraints, and cannot adhere to the planned schedule of the tour, we would need to drop swimming or any such other activities.

If you would like to indulge in activities apart from your itinerary, you could do so in consultation with us and pay additional costs of the respective activities.

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