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This tour is the perfect opportunity to do a variety of exciting things at Great Ocean Road all in a day. You can take a dip at the beautiful surf beaches. Get a taste of the farm life at the Farmgate followed by Café Lunch at Farmer’s Place. From farm animals to wildlife, spot native Australian animals followed by a visit to the Otway Ranges rainforests. You will love the unique experiences the tour offers like a visit to the coastal towns Lorne and Apollo Bay, sightseeing at the historic Gibson’s Step adjoining the Twelve Apostles and reliving history at Loch Ard Gorge and Shipwreck Coast. Gazing at the beautiful sunset remains the biggest highlight of the tour.

Enchanting beaches, cliffs, rainforests, wildlife and coastal experiences – there is much to explore on your trip to the Great Ocean Road. We will get you up close and personal with our perfectly handcrafted ‘Twelve Apostles’ tour whilst you enjoy the world’s most spectacular coastal drive.

Tour Operation: Seasonally departs at 10am - 11am and returns between 10pm - midnight. We will keep you posted on the precise daily schedule of the tour.

Tour Price:
: $117
: $99

*Please note that we reserve the right to change this itinerary for  any trip. 

The Tour Includes: 

  • Entrance fees to all the parks
  • Café Lunch at around mid-afternoon
  • Tea/coffee/and biscuits.
  • Our friendly tour guide will tell you interesting trivia and stories while leading you to the mesmerising tourist spots.

Tour Itinerary:

Ride the waves at the golden beaches

The major highlight of your tour is visiting the sun-kissed beaches. Enjoy the sun, sand and waves as you stroll across the shores. Or just sit back and chill as you gaze at the beautiful view and mesmerising sunset. The weather and the waves are sure to entice you to take a dip or feel the thrill of surfing. It is one of the most popular surf hubs in the world for professionals as well as beginners.

Experience the farm life at Farmgate followed by Café Lunch at the Farmer’s Place

Most of us who lead fast-paced city lives, don’t get the opportunity to experience the calmness and simplicity of the countryside. You will love to see how local food items are produced right from the paddock to the plate at this sustainable working farm. Watching the Alpacas and other farm animals is an experience in itself.  The icing on the cake is eating food made from the fresh farm produce. You will definitely look forward to a mouth-watering Café Lunch at the Farmer’s place.

Explore the enchanting wildlife

If you’re wildlife enthusiast, this region is simply paradise. It such an exhilarating experience to see various species of birds, cute koalas, baby kangaroos, falcons, emus, etc. at the forests and national park. This jungle safari is sure to remain etched in your mind for years to come.

Feel the coastal magic at Lorne and Apollo Bay

Enjoy breathtaking views of the sea at the coastal towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay. The picturesque locales are like poetry in action. You can enjoy cake and coffee with a view of the beautiful sea and hills or shop till you drop for local items at the community market or try your hand at fishing. The beauty of these places is sure to leave you awestruck.

Go green at Otway Ranges rainforests

The Otway Ranges rainforests hosts a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. You can explore both the beaches and forest landscape during the walking trails. The region is particularly known for koalas, other species of wildlife and birds. If you’re around during the migration period, you will be lucky to spot the migrating whales and dolphins.

Unwind at Gibson’s Step – Gateway to the Twelve Apostles

Gibson’s step is a beautiful beach in itself and the fact that it is the entry point to the famous Twelve Apostles only adds to its appeal. The Gibson’s step has amazed centuries of onlookers with its steps etched out of rocks from thousands of years ago. You will enjoy the view of the pristine sea, fishes and the fascinating history of the place. Twelve Apostles, the naturally occurring limestone cliffs stacked together is a wold famous tourist-spot.

Time travel at Loch Ard Gorge and Shipwreck Coast

The place is known for the historic story of how two of the fifty-four passengers of the ship Loch Ard survived the sinking in 1878. Besides, it is also popular for the glorious view of the lush blue sea and the cliffs.

Get ready to get amazed at the Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour!

Things to Carry: We advise you to carry appropriate clothing as per weather conditions, snacks, water bottle and bathers for swimming.

Kindly Note: In case we face time constraints, and cannot adhere to the planned schedule of the tour, we would need to drop swimming or any such other activities.

If you would like to indulge in activities apart from your itinerary, you could do so in consultation with us and pay additional costs of the respective activities.

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