When you’re visiting the Great Ocean Road, don’t forget to add the mesmerising Rainforest Walk to your itinerary. Located 17 km west of Apollo Bay, the walk is around 45 minutes long, depending on your speed and interest.

Visiting the Great Ocean Road is a spectacular experience for every traveller. The ancient rainforests, iconic wildlife, marine reserves, 12 Apostles, volcanic plains and pristine beaches will take your breath away.

The Otways

If you don’t stay in an area surrounded by rainforests, this trip will transform you! Immerse yourself in Australia’s exceptional Rainforest scenery in the Otway Ranges. Walk alongside the tall trees, know all about the ancient plants and revel in the beauty of the lush ferns.

The National Park is famous for its rock platforms, Eucalyptus trees, rugged coastlines and beach views. While the north welcomes you to experience the glorious waterfalls and serene lakes, the south leads dramatically to the ocean.

Things to Do

Wondering how you should spend your time at the rainforest? Apart from gazing at nature’s wonders, there are many things you can do to make your visit unforgettable.

Take a stroll at Maits Rest, where you can relax and see the enormous tree ferns. Head to Melba Gully to marvel at the wonderful glow-worms.

If you’re traveling with kids, they will definitely love witnessing so many worms glowing together.

Sprinkle some romance in your life as you walk with your partner to discover the high waterfalls in the narrow valleys.

The Triplet Falls is an impressive sight while the fern-fringed pools hide some secluded falls. When you head out from Lorne, you can explore more than ten unique waterfalls!

The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

Head to the canopies of the rainforest to view the ecstatic beauty of Eucalyptus trees. The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk is the longest elevated walk across the globe. It is around 30 m high and takes one hour to complete the loop.

During this walk, you’ll learn a lot more about Eucalyptus trees, see the Otway Rainforest from a unique perspective and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some koalas too! The giant trees offer a perfect habitat for these loved critters and thus, they continue to thrive in the Otway Ranges.

You can also see some amazing beech and blackwood trees in the rainforest from the walk as they create a stunning backdrop that dates back centuries.

Quaint Towns All Around

On the outskirts, you can explore some beautiful towns alongside the sea. If you want to experience the daily life at the Great Ocean Road, head to Lorne, Apollo Bay or Colac. You can also grab a bite in one of these towns and shop at their local stores.

The people are extremely welcoming and charming and will offer lots of information and guidance about the rainforest and wildlife. You can also spend a night at one of these villages at the doorstep of the park to be one with nature!

Stargazing, camping, biking, walking around or just relaxing, the Rainforest on the Great Ocean Road has so much to offer!