The delightful Great Ocean Road tour is packed with natural wonders, spectacular views and some incredible locations in Australia. The tour is specifically designed for a smaller group of 10-13 people and is perfectly suited to match every traveller’s needs.

Start Fresh

One of the benefits of opting for an afternoon tour is that you can catch up on some much-needed sleep in the morning and still enjoy a day of sightseeing. Rather than waking up really early and feeling drowsy all through the tour, you can relax during dawn and be fresh and energised to soak in the beauty of the Great Ocean Road.

Look Around

The Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly one of the most scenic drives in Australia as it offers two unbelievable sights on both sides of the road. On one side, you can see the foamy bright blue shoreline as the white-sand beaches stretch as far as your eyes can see. On the other, you will witness mighty mountains and dark green hinterlands for many kilometres. The beautiful merging of the ocean and the Great Otway National Park makes the drive so unique. There’s a lot to see and do along this drive so keep your eyes always open and your cameras ready!

Enjoy the Wonders

The tour normally begins at around 10-10.30 a.m. wherein a pick-up is arranged from most Melbourne hotels. After a relaxing lunch stop, you head to the Gibson steps where you can take walk down the vertical cliff to indulge in some mesmerising views of the 12 Apostles. This is a great spot to take some beautiful selfies to show off the views to your friends and family.

Next, the tour takes you to visit the Loch Ard Gorge, the site which is home to Victoria’s most tragic shipwreck in 1878. You can climb down the dramatic staircase that will lead you to the beach where the incident occurred. Out of the 54 passengers and crew on board, only 2 survived when the ill-fated ship sank within 15-minutes. The experienced tour guide will tell you all about the story and also show you the Thunder Caves, the shelter for the 2 survivors.

There’s a lot to explore around at the Gorge and you will see some of the most beautiful natural rock formations of Razorback, the amazing Island Archway and the Dumpling Pots. Enjoy the peaceful sunset from the London Bridge and if time permits, you can also head to the Bay of Island, one more beautiful site on the Great Ocean Road.

After a sumptuous dinner, you can head back to your hotel by around 8-9 p.m.

Value for Money

An afternoon Great Ocean Road Tour will offer all the great highlights at an extremely affordable price. The tour will include a complimentary bottle of water, hotel pick-up and drop off and the park entry fees. The warm and friendly tour guide will be highly experienced and smart to show you around and answer all your questions about the amazing wonders along the Great Ocean Road.